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Welcome to Currie Ranch


Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

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Meet the Currie Family

Passionate Breeder of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

At Currie Ranch, we pride ourselves in raising Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys with amazing personalities and correct confirmation. The donkeys are part of the family, and we are continuously perfecting our craft to ensure that our donkeys are of the highest quality. We love what we do, and we can't wait to share our passion with you.

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Everything We Offer

Loving Temperment

Correct Confirmation 

Healthy and Happy Donkeys

At Currie Ranch, we offer superior quality Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys that have a loving temperament and correct conformation. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of high-quality bloodlines, ensuring that each donkey is a perfect fit for its new owners.  Our miniature donkeys are raised with the love and care they need to thrive and are ready to start their new lives with their forever families.

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